2019 MRC Membership ready for you!!

Monday, December 17, 2018 – Brigden, Ontario

 Motorsport Racing Canada is ready tolaunch its 2019 membership program. This has been months in the works in an effort to obtain the same Nationalinfrastructure but also keeping in mind the cost to the customer to go racing.For 2019 the price for an MRC membership will be $65.

“It’s exciting to initiate this new price to our racers and families,” MRC Amateur Director Ryan Gauld. “We have taken away old system and followed along the same lines as the US. Every racer will require an MRCmembership to be part of the ECAN, WCAN, and the biggest race in Canada: The Trans Can Grand National. We have been working with all the regions in an effort to lower costs and make moreattractive races for everyone. An MRC membership will be required to obtainprovincial points, national status, and contingency from the major manufacturers at the regional level.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in becominga part of the MRC family – the motorsportsindustry would be unable to continue its constant growth without the supportand involvement from individuals such as yourself.

To purchase your membership today visit http://mrcracing.com or visit:  2019 MRC Membership

MRC sanctions the following Canadian Championships: 

  • Rockstar Energy Canadian Motocross Championship
  • Rockstar Energy Canadian Supercross Championship
  • Rockstar Energy Canadian Arenacross Championship
  • Amateur Grand National Qualifiers
  • TransCan Grand National Championship
  • Western Amateur National Championship
  • Eastern Amateur National Championship
  • Provincial Motocross Championships
  • Multiple Amateur Series Across Canada